Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Poster fullIt has been a long time, but adorable Percy Jackson has returned to save us from his Olympian relatives one more time. This August he will entice us to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean in all new epopee “Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters”.Three years have passed and the young demigod again is fighting for justice and peace in all movie theaters of the world. Logan Lerman has grown up and became even more handsome, so the adventures of the son of Poseidon now may interestan audience which is slightly more mature. The Percy Jackson’s fan club already had to graduate from middle school, but managed to keep the reckless commitment to the magical world of gods, demigods, satyrs, nymphs and mythical monsters. Of course, one should not expect Percy Jackson to performa great dramatic role, and the Sea of Monsters to drown the viewer in its cinematic depth. Percy Jackson and the stories of his adventures are designed to get us back into a charming and absolutely beautiful world of naive children’s magic and serious faithful friendship. It is a fairy tale about the Greek gods and their problems, family issues, big, pretentious disasters and, of course, flawless heroes.

The admirers of the Olympic saga must remember that in “The Lightning Thief” we have left Percy Jackson and his friends to rest on their laurels after a dazzling victory over the perfidious and power hungry son of Hermes. However, the villain has not been defeated, and his dastardly plans once again have subjected the Half-Blood Camp and the whole world to a mortal danger. This time Percy Jackson, his charismatic friend satyr Grover and the adorable Anabelle, daughter of the Athens, who looks like Hermione Granger, will be forced to throw themselves into the maelstrom of the Sea of Monsters to find the legendary Golden Fleece. Only the magical power of this ancient artifact mayrestore the protection of the Half-Blood Camp and preventthe malefactorsto actuate their evil plan – the resurrection of the murderous Kronos.

Many of us grew fond of Percy Jackson at first sight because of his gentle naiveté, sincere purity and the beauty of the image. A lot of people are the devoted admirers of the primary source –the book saga “Percy Jackson and the Olympians.” There are even those who are imbued with sympathy for the movie because of the interest in the original primary source – the actual Greek mythology. However, regardless of the prerequisites, we all agree on one thing – during the Divine storm, hosted by irate Zeus, or in the depths of the Sea of Monsters –c’mon, save us, Percy Jackson!

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