Robocop Trailer: Meh

Okay, watch this first, then we will speak.

You know what, it doesn’t look that bad. I have been reading some real griping and moaning and even hearing people saying some stuff that I am not sure how they got from the trailer, but the truth is: it doesn’t really look —that— bad. Overall it will most likely be a somewhat fun, almost good, forgettable film that might be better than the Total Recall remake. The big problem here is that someone in Hollywood felt that rebooting this movie was a better idea than taking a chance on something original, that the name alone of Robocop and the nostalgia behind the franchise would bring in more bank that something unproven. Plus, robots sell.

Also, stop making reboots that don’t need it. Certain films I can understand, due to quality, budget, or the passing of time and changing of culture, there are reasons to remake some films. Robocop does not need a remake. If you haven’t seen the original first two films—because who would torture themselves with the third one—take a moment and go re-watch them. The movies still hold up quite well, and not just on nostalgia alone.

Yes, I will miss some of the things that the R rating granted in the originals. Yes, I think they could have done Murphy losing his body parts in a better way than an exploding car, but it works for this film. I will enjoy seeing Batma- erm, Michael Keaton and Samuel L. Jackson in the film even if it does suck. I will go see the movie and think that it will still be enjoyable, even if I think it shouldn’t exist. And for those that hated the trailer, don’t go see it. The less money remakes make, hopefully the less of those types of films they will do. One can hope at least.


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  1. avatar Jerick Richards says:

    If this film succeeds, we will see a remake in the next 5 years. If this film fails, we will see the remade remake in 2.

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