Top 10: Star Trek The Next Generation Episodes

I am interested to see how many people actually agree with my list. Star Trek: The Next Generation is the show that got me hooked on the Star Trek universe, so these are my top ten episodes that made the show great. 


Star Trek TNG - All Good ThingsTen – “All Good things” – Season 7, Episode 25

A great two hour episode that sees the return of Q, as he puts humanity back on trial with Picard as its only defense. While that is happening, the captain is also leaping through time trying to figure out how to stop an anomaly that threatens all of space. 


Star Trek TNG - Time's ArrowNine – “Time’s Arrow” – Season 5, Episode 26

A five-hundred year old artifact is found on Earth which turns out to be Data’s head. Menacing aliens are running afoul in the timeline, requiring Data and other members of the crew to go back and stop them, even though the bad omen doesn’t look good for Data’s future. The crew has an adventure in the Old West and meets Mark Twain. 


Star Trek The Next Generation - UnificationEight – “Unification” – Season 5, Episode 7

A classic two episode story that sees fan favorite character Spock return, but has he turned to the Romulans? Members of the crew must sneak to Romulus on a Klingon ship to find him before he finds himself in the middle of a trap. Spock seeks peace, but it always comes at a price.


Star Trek The Next Generation - Future ImperfectSeven – “Future Imperfect” – Season 4, Episode 8

An interrupted birthday celebration finds Commander Riker exploring a strange cave on a seemingly abandoned planet when he comes in contact with a strange gas. With a deadly virus erasing Riker’s memory, he finds himself sixteen years into the future in a strange world that doesn’t make sense. 


Star Trek TNG - A Matter of HonorSix – “A Matter of Honor” – Season 2, Episode 8

An officer exchange program lands Riker on a Klingon ship, in harsh conditions. Facing ridicule and danger, the Commander must use a show of force to prove his place and strength on the alien craft. This episode also finds Riker facing against his former crew.  

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