Top Ten: Nerdy Christmas Gifts

Tis the season to receive awesome gifts to satisfy the amateur movie critic, the reader, the role player, and the gamer; to be excited and entertained, but most important, to geek out over how cool this stuff is. Here, I have compiled a list of the top ten presents that the geekiest of gift recipients could want.

Christmas Gifts Xbox One, PS$, & Wii UNumber Ten – Next Gen Consoles

Okay, let us go ahead and get this one out of the way. Microsoft has released their new console, the XBox One, and Sony has put out the PS4. No matter which side of that war fans fall on, they both have a lot to offer as systems, and a few games that can be burned through easily. So far, there seem to be fewer problems with these systems than the XBox 360 and PS3 launch editions, and there are some good games on the horizon, but since I will be forced to spend time with my family over Christmas, I think a Wii U may be in order. Whether the internet thinks it is a next-gen console or not, I have to get my Mario fix.

Christmas Gifts Steam Gift CardsNumber Nine – Steam Gift Cards

Make sure that everyone that receives a Christmas wish list this year knows that Steam does gift cards, because that is important. Every year Steam holds one of its largest sales, the Steam winter sale, offering some of the most incredible deals I have ever seen on PC games. This is something I really want, because I cannot even begin to admit how much I spend during this sale each year. Steam has a great mix of new and older games, AAA and indie titles, and a great community of gamers. Whatever anyone says negative about gift cards as presents, these things are worth their virtual weight in gold.

Christmas Gifts TVNumber Eight – Panasonic ST60 TV

Whether it is used for games, movies, or just background noise, a good television makes for quite the surprising gift. The Panasonic ST60 has amazing picture quality and one of the best HDTV experiences to date, with some reviewers claiming it to be Panasonic’s best performing product picture wise, even out-doing their top of the line models.  Starting at a thousand dollars, this model comes in different sizes and offers a variety of built-in features, with the only downside being some of the internet functions. The ST60 is not the top of the line, but it is the best steal for quality and price tag.

Christmas Gifts iPad AirNumber Seven – iPad Air

Apple has made some improvements to the iPad series in the past, but it is the iPad Air that is breathing a fresh new air into the series, which should cause consumers to take notice. This new light-weight high performance device has an amazing processor for fast speeds, a powerful rear camera for family pictures, and one of the best screens available for tablets currently. Tablet gaming is perfect on the Air, with a high number of games, apps, and free programs that come with it. For those that plan on doing a lot of traveling over the holidays, this tablet is a must.

Christmas Gifts Oculus RiftNumber Six – Oculus Rift

Those that have not heard much about the Oculus should not feel bad, as it is only out as a development kit so far, but anyone can order it. What is it though? The Oculus Rift is a next gen device, a headset that allows players to step into virtual worlds, according to their website. The device is lightweight, has a 360 degree head tracking radius, and boasts a low latency in games. I know that pretty much every other endeavor into virtual reality for video games has sucked horribly, but the videos for the Oculus Rift look good. If someone wants to spend the three hundred dollars for the kit, I will take one for the team and review it.

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