Top Ten: Underrated Street Fighter Characters

With Ultra Street Fighter IV coming out soon I have been in a mood to play more lately, but for some reason everyone laughs at my character choice, but I cannot figure out why. Too many characters in this franchise go unnoticed, completely underrated, and it is time to change that! These are the best of the underappreciated Street Fighter characters.

Underrated Street Fighter Characters - BlairNumber Ten – Blair Dame – Street Fighter EX

A secret character in Street Fighter EX, this rich girl fights to learn how to protect her loved ones, which is noble. This European bombshell certainly capitalized on the sexy in the Street Fighter games, but she also appears in another Japanese game called Fighting Layer. Blair is well educated and spends her free time traveling around the world with her bodyguard C. Jack—who is cool in his own right—finding new opponents to fight. With some practice, Blair can be a cool character to play, quick with a low defense, but be careful, this princess hates to lose.

Underrated Street Fighter Characters - RoseNumber Nine – Rose – Street Fighter Alpha

Rose was not only the third female character inserted into the Street Fighter franchise, she is also the possessor of her own magical energy called soul power. This world-traveling fortuneteller seeks to use her magic to rid the world of M. Bison, considering him to be pure evil. This poor woman just can’t seem to get the job done, even after being possessed by Bison, but luckily, Guy is there to save her, which is also one of the few things that keeps Rose from being one of the strongest female characters in the franchise. Rose has made several appearances, and players who can master her reflects are more than formidable.

Underrated Street Fighter Characters - RufusNumber Eight – Rufus – Street Fighter Arcade Edition

No one should let Rufus’ appearance fool them, he is a skilled martial artist and I will destroy anyone with him. He may be skilled, but no one has ever accused him of being the smartest. Rufus takes great offense to Ken Masters calling himself the best fighter in American, and he is trying to find the man to defeat him, but keeps confusing other fighters for Ken. Rufus started off as a joke, similar to Dan, originally designed to be a black break-dancing martial artist who was drastically changed and rushed. He is often compared to Bob from Tekken, but this joke became one of the better new characters of the series.

Underrated Street Fighter Characters - QNumber Seven – Q – Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

Q is possibly the strangest Street Fighter character ever created. Whomever or whatever Q is, he hides his identity behind a trenchcoat, hat, and a metal mask. The mystery of this character extends even to his move set, the names of which are closer to actions than traditionally named techniques. One of his finishers actually looks like he uses his crotch to attack opponents, and it ends with an explosion. I am guessing the programmers had an off day on that one. However strange, Q is actually an incredible character to fight as, extremely deadly in the right hands.

Underrated Street Fighter Characters - RolentoNumber Six – Rolento – Street Fighter Alpha 2

Rolento F. Schugerg is a former boss from the Final Fight series who has trouble accepting defeat, so much so that he would rather blow himself up than lose, which is why he was cut from the American versions of his original Final Fight appearance. He has not changed much over the years, still trying to rebuild his army to take over Metro City, and eventually the world. Rolento’s use of his stick and grenades makes him a force to be reckoned with, but if he ever gives anyone grief, all they need do is remind this menace that his name was originally supposed to be Laurence. That’s right, Rolento was a mistranslation.

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