Walking with Dinosaurs

Walking with Dinosaurs movie poster

Are you ready for thrilling prehistoric adventure?

For the first time in movie history, audiences will have an opportunity to see and feel what the world looked like when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. The new animation movie called Walking with Dinosaurs is multi-directional and offers to live through a big screen adventure for kids and their parents. Be ready to meet dinosaurs more real than you have ever seen them and take  part in a thrilling prehistoric adventure, where the main character Patchi, along with his family, friends and other dinosaurs, fight their rivals and protects the herd.

The whole story happens 70 million years ago during the Late Cretaceous period showing the life of three Pachyrhinosaurus named Patchi, Juniper, and Scowler and how they grow from playful baby dinosaurs into adult ones. These three inseparable Pachyrhinosaurs are great friends with Alex the Alexornis bird, who is always ready to receive guests. Patchi is a real runt and always puts himself in trouble. Scowler, Patchi’s ambitious older brother, is the true opposite, he is tough and a natural leader. Juniper, a bold female dinosaur who is ready for big adventure at anytime. When something bad happens to your beloved ones, there are moments when our weaknesses turn into our strengths.

The movie is directed by Neil Nightingale, the creative director of BBC Earth and BBC Worldwide global brand, the original script was written by John Collee, a Scottish journalist, novelist and screenwriter, he also created scripts for Happy Feet animation movie.  The story line will introduce new and unique dinosaurs and 3D technology will help the audiences to become a part of the story. 

The filming crew filmed video material on location in the U.S. State of Alaska and in New Zealand. These places were chosen because they are the most similar to the dinosaurs’ surroundings millions of years ago. Firstly they created computer-animated dinosaurs and then added them in live-action settings. 

The movie was being made in the last 15 years and during this period dinosaurs remains have been discovered on all continents and in all environments, proving that these giant creatures lived in time of the Mesozoic era.

 The 3D movie brings to life newly discovered dinosaurs. Neil Nightingale has re-created one of the last significant dinosaur eras by paying attention to the smallest details and presented them in a stunning way, bringing to life on screen a world filled with giant and incredible creatures such as Pterosaurs, huge flying reptiles and Edmontosaurus.

This new motion picture will be shown at the Dubai International Film Festival (6-14 December, 2013) before its commercial world’s release. In theatres it is scheduled to be presented on 20th of December, 2013. Audiences will be able to watch the movie in 2D and 3D versions.


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